Korean Medical Education Review 2008;10(2):19-24.
의학교육에의 교육순환모델(Learning Cycle) 적용과 쟁점.
김보현, 김상현
연세대학교 의과대학 의학교육학과
Applications and issues of the Learning Cycle to medical Education
Bo-Hyun Kim, Sang-Hyun Kim
Department of medical Educaion, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Correspondence:  Sang-Hyun Kim
The learning cycle proposed by Guilbert in 1981 has been accredited as an effective and useful model for curriculum design. Three components of learning cycle, learning objective, instructional method, and assessment are connected organically and form basic structure of curriculum. In this study, we intend to analyze how the learning cycle and its three components are applied to present medical curriculum and examine the points at issue of the learning cycle in medical education. Also, we try to identify the educational significance of the leaning cycle in medical education. Results : First, concerning the learning objective, it was identified that impractical and abstract expressions are major controversial points. Also, there is a need to make learning objectives covering entire medical curriculum. Second, because of various structural problems, it is hard to practice new and various instructional methods. Third, even though there is a growing need for medical curriculum to develop and utilize more various and detailed assessment and evaluation, it was revealed that only are standardized and traditional assessments mainly used. Conclusion : Synthetically, we have some suggestions as follows. First, it is necessary to specify and actualize the learning objectives. Also, instructional methods and assessments should be diversified. And finally, there is a need to build organic and delicate medical curriculum by applying the learning cycle to medical education more actively.
Key Words: medical education, medical curriculum, learning cycle, learning objective, instructional methodology, assessment and evaluation

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