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Instructions for Reviewers

This is a guideline for reviewers who voluntarily participate in peer review process of the journal. All of the journal's contents including invited manuscripts are subject to peer-review.

Double blind peer review

Korean Medical Education Review adopts double blind review, which means that the reviewers and authors can not identify each others' information.

Role of reviewers

Peer reviewer’s role is to advise editors on individual manuscript to revise, accept, or reject. Judgments should be objective and comments should be lucidly described. The use of reporting guideline is recommended for review. Reviewers should have no conflict of interest. Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited. Reviewed articles are managed confidentially. The editorial office is responsible for the final decision to accept or reject a manuscript based on the reviewers' recommendation.

Review Procedures

The review procedures for submitted manuscripts follows the peer review guidelines.

How to become a reviewer

Reviewers are usually invited by the editorial office or recommended by authors. Anyone who wants to work voluntarily as a reviewer can contact the editorial office.

Accepting an invitation to Review

Editors invite you to review as they believe that you are an expert in a certain area. They would have judged this from your previous publication record or posters and/or sessions you have contributed to at conferences. Before you accept an invitation to review a paper, you should consider some questions:

  • · Are your qualified?
    If the manuscript is too far outside your area, you should decline to review it.
  • · Do you have time?
    If review comments cannot be submitted within the 14 days of review period, please decline to review or ask for extension of the review period.
  • · Are there any potential conflicts of interest?
    In case of any of the above conflicts of interest, the reviewer should decline to review. If the reviewer still wishes to review, the conflicts of interest should be specifically disclosed.

How to write review comments

Reviewers should fill out the review form and upload it to the online submission system ( within 14 days of receiving the request for review.

Research ethics for reviewers

  • 1) Reviewers must sincerely evaluate the manuscripts requested by the editorial board and inform the review results within the period set by the review guidelines.
  • 2) Reviewers must fairly evaluate the manuscripts requested by the editorial board based on objective criteria, regardless of personal academic beliefs or personal relationships with the authors.
  • 3) Reviewers must notify the editorial board if a manuscript requested for review has already been published in other academic journals or is under duplication review, or if any other issues come to light.

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