Korean Medical Education Review 2008;10(2):9-17.
의과대학생의 자기주도학습 성향 연구 : A의대 사례.
아주대학교 BK21 사업단 연구조교수
A Study on Self Directed Learning Readiness Among Undergraduate Medical Students Focused on the Case of A University College of Medicine
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A self directed learning(SDL) has been identified as an important ability for medical graduates. The purpose of this study was 1) to measure the SDLR of medical students, 2) to compare the relationship among the student perceptions of assessment, preference of instructional methods with SDLR. This study was conducted in 2006 at A University College of Medicine. The instrument applied to this study was SDLR, Korean version of Guglielminos SDLR for Adults. The SPSSwin® program was used to analyze the data and statistics such as correlation, F-test, and Chi square test. Firstly, the mean scores of the SDLR of first, second, fourth year were 114.8, 107.9 and 106.2. This results showed a significant relationship among years (p
Key Words: Self directed learning(SDL), Self directed learning readness(SDLR), Medical education

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